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Walker Family Goods is a family designing goods for other families. Of the two parts, one grew up traveling with their very large family and the other grew up touring in a crowded rock band, both learning essential traveling dos and dont’s. When you spend the majority of your life looking out a car window and watching the world pass in front of your eyes, something happens within you that you can’t ignore… almost an addiction to constant scenery change. For Lex and Loren, that “something” occurred at different stages and ages in their lives, but irregardless, it happened. They now have a family of their own and they continually try to defy the notion that you can’t travel with kids or that traveling with kids is difficult and should be avoided until they are older and self-sufficient. The goods being produced by Walker are inspired by our travels in our adolescence and our travels of a family with young ones now. What inspires us are those essential lessons that we have learned and continue to learn… the greatest lesson being “make travel simple.”

- Lex Brinton
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