Our Mission Is To Inspire Families To Travel Simple

There are plenty of how to’s in this world,
you don’t need an instruction manual for traveling with kids.

The Messenger

The Messenger is the perfect over the shoulder carry for those times that you may need to bring a little more than what can fit in your Louie Sling. May this bag serve as a messenger of joy, happiness, vitality, nostalgia and be worn during all of your good times!

The Laundry Bag

The bag that every family, college student, and laundromat dweller needs... The Laundry Bag! Our Laundry Bag folds right up and fits into the end of our duffels; ready to expand and hold 3ish loads of laundry, or beach toys, or skate pads and helmets, or or or... at any given moment!

The Organizers

Some may call them packing cubes, but we call them The Organizers, because they do just that... keep everything organized! Our Organizers come in a set of four: extra small, small, medium and large and they'll fit just about anything into your bag!



The Valley Duffel

Nearly twice as big as our States Duffel bag, padded shoulder straps, built-in laundry compartment; our Valley Duffel is the go-to bag for those longer trips! Here's a video walking through all the nooks and crannies of the Valley Duffel Bag.

The Valley Pack

Here's a video detailing what sets our Valley Pack apart from all those other packs out there! Whether you'll use it as a day pack, camera carrier, or even a diaper bag; the adventures will be endless with this bad boy on your back.

The Valley Tote

Our Valley Tote is the perfect bag for the gym, office, plane, train, or automobile. Don't believe me... take a peak at this video and I guarantee it'll change your mind!




Throughout the years of traveling for work and bringing our children along every step of the way, we have encountered a new profession (unintentionally)… “family travel advocates”. Society offers unsolicited advice whenever possible… “don’t get married, being single is more fun,” we got married. “Don’t have kids, they will ruin your life,” we had two. “Don’t travel with kids, it’s a nightmare,” we said… watch us! We travel, we parent, we document and we want other families to do the same. When it comes to parenting, there is an overabundance of instruction in the world… to the point of confusion and fear. Traveling with children should not be feared, it should be celebrated! Regardless of how often you travel or how many children you have, we want you to know that it should not be difficult! We want families to travel simple, so they have more time and energy to focus on what’s important… one another!


I grew up in a family of five older sisters, one younger brother, a dedicated mom and a big dreamer of a dad. When I was in elementary school, my dad decided that he wanted to take all of us kids to the 50 United States. Traveling was simple. My parents made it simple. A lot of that simplicity derived from our luggage itself. My parents put us each in charge of our own personal color-coded duffel bag. Our road trips are where I learned geography, navigation and my passion for being in a car and seeing the world one mile at a time… for this reason, we have dubbed this “The States” duffel bag, to pay homage to those many summers of hitting pavement with my family and for visiting all 50 states.

The Original Walker Family
  • Perfect For All Sizes

    This bag is spacious enough for both kids and adults.
    19.75" Long X 10.25" High X 10.75" Wide

    Walker Family Goods States Duffel Bag All Sizes
  • So Much Storage

    Plenty of storage for little treasures or your unmentionables, with one large mesh compartment on top, two side mesh pockets on the inside, and a personalized name label for fun.

    Walker Family Goods States Duffel Bag Storage
  • Built in Divider

    Snap Up / Lay Down divider to avoid duffel bag chaos

    Walker Family Goods States Duffel Bag Divider
  • Stinky Stuff

    Built-in laundry compartment to keep your stinky stuff separated from your clean stuff.

    Walker Family Goods States Duffel Bag Stinky Stuff


Made from durable, versatile and reliable Cordura® fabric outer, lined on the inside with Ripstop and topped with Genuine YKK® Zippers. This bag is built to last and to carry the hundreds of memories you’ll pack inside.


You guys truly have inspired us to travel with Crosby and now you have given us a way to do it more simply. We can't wait to get our bags.

I love the design and meaning behind these bags! Travel and experiences with your family at any stage is so important! I cannot wait to receive my bags and to see what future products you come up with! Gorgeous product, congratulations!!

I am in tears!! I just watched your video and was so touched. It brought back all of those memories loading up my dad’s VW vanagons. I want one of all of your bags in every color for my 4 kids! I started a public feed 2 nights ago because i felt so inspired to share our memories with the world.

I just thought you should know that you are doing a great thing. A huge thing actually. And we don’t even know you… but we feel like FINALLY  somebody gets how we were raised. Thanks for raising the bar!

My family decided about 5 months ago that they wanted to move out to the west coast, so my dad started looking for jobs out there. After he found a position in Astoria, OR, we sold our house, started packing and we’ve found a house out in PNW. Here’s where you guys come in though… our original plan was to fly out to Astoria at the end of May, but after coming across WFG, watching your video, and reading up on you guys more and more, we’ve decided to make a week long road trip out of it. Just wanted to give you guys another example of how your mission is making a difference.

My wife was watching your video earlier today, and I overheard the story. We decided right then and there to pull our kids out of school tomorrow and drive across the country. We leave in the morning... Thanks for the inspiration! We also bought three bags, but those will have to serve as inspiration for future trips! THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REMEMBER WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT.