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Kickstarter is LIVE!

Kickstarter is LIVE!

Walker Goods Kickstarter Launch

I am wholeheartedly a product of my environment. As far back as I can remember, my dad's "home" was behind the steering wheel of our van, with my mom beside him and all of us 6 kids in his rear view mirror...

My dad had a goal to drive all of us kids to every state in the United States (we obviously had to fly to Hawaii) while we were young and living at home. When I asked my parents how they managed to do this (keep in mind... the only entertainment we had was a cassette player) they both said... "it was simple." That resonated with me so hard! It was simple!? A van full of teenagers, toddlers and babies sounds far from simple, but they insisted that it was! They gave me advice for traveling with kids, like "never be in a hurry" and "don't revolve your life around kids, let them adapt into your lives," etc. Then we discussed the actual logistics of it all, and come to find out, a lot of that simplicity derived from our luggage itself. My parents put us each in charge of our own personal duffel bag.... and that is where Walker Family Goods was born! .
Please head to the Kickstarter page and see what we've been working on. Thank you so much for the support!